Intro to SHOP: 6 quick reasons you're gonna love it


the Rochesteriat SHOP here! Yes, that's right, SHOP here!

We officially launched our SHOP here at the Rochesteriat on Wednesday, August 5th, late into the wee hours. We've been hard at work building this website, blog, soon-to-be City Guide, and now SHOP for the past 2 years, and we're so excited to be evolving in the way we are. Changes are constantly being made to the site, and we hope you like them. The SHOP is definitely one area where you will see some of the most visible changes, and it allows us to show off some of our local creativity in terms of partnerships, local branding, and of course, our love for the city!

The vision for our SHOP is this: to carry items and deals that we, as city locals, would love and use ourselves - made in-by-for- or somehow having to do with our City. We want to bring you unique goods, special deals, and awesome treasures that you may - or may not - be able to find elsewhere.

So, without further delay, here's 6 reasons you're gonna love it as much as we do.

1. This Cute Lit'l Cart

the Rochesteriat

Let's just start this off with the most obvious...we have an adorable lit'l cart sitting right on the upper-right hand corner now of the site. It's there for you to fill it, so fill it up! You want to know what you're purchasing? Click on this little guy to see what you've added to your cart. It's just so darn cute...

BONUS - Unlike a Wegmans shopping cart, no matter how many items you put in it, this little guy never gets full...keep going, it can take it!

2. Brittany Leigh - Partner from the Get-Go

the Rochesteriat

We spotted Brittany's ROC pendants a couple of years ago out at the Corn Hill Fest which prompted us to track her down to find out how we could sell her items on our SHOP. She then became an original SHOP member with us, friend, and we couldn't be more thrilled to be partnered with her. For this Charlotte, NC native, her jewelry of the outline of ROC city reflects her passion for ROC, her current city, of which she works out of a studio in Village Gate at NOTA.

BONUS - Check out her SHOP items, because Brittany has graciously allowed us to offer some of her ROC necklaces, pendants, and rings for a nice discount - for a limited time! If you think this stuff is good, then you must check out her full line of goods here on her own website.

3. MYDARNDEST - giving you an excuse for that upstate accent

the Rochesteriat

Yeah, see, you know you say it like this. "RAAAAAACHESTER!" Come on, be LOUD and PROUD about it! Now you can put it on your wall. Made by the talented local artist Bill Klingensmith operating out of his studio in Anderson Arts Building, these posters have already proven to be a popular addition to the SHOP. Forget the ROC logo, forget the stuff everybody else does...look for some unique goods to come out of MYDARNDEST in the days ahead.

BONUS - Now you'll have it memorialized for everyone to see why you talk so funny.

4. City Dining Cards - Can you spot a DEAL when you see one?

the Rochesteriat

Our friends at City Dining Cards reached out to us and said, we want to sell what we have for half price...and we were like, um, DUH, yes, we will. So the Cards, originally $20, now just $10, and the Drink Deck originally $10, now just $5 - how can you go wrong? Let me spell this out for you...YOU MAKE BACK YOUR COST USING JUST ONE CARD! The Dining Cards are essentially a deal card: get $30 worth of food for $20 at some of Rochester's best restaurants. The Drink Deck is a BOGO - Buy One, Get One drink deal.

We look at it this way: two people go out, each has a latte or wine - now you only pay for one. At a restaurant, try that appetizer you've always wanted to try before the meal! The two of you will reach $30, and you'll still only pay $20 for it. Makes total sense to us.

BONUS: These are the last of the paper decks to be printed. Get them while they last. All together, for $15, you're saving well over $500 in food and drink costs to amazing places here in ROC. Oh, and some very cool Press from the Boston decks, too.

5. Fahsye

the Rochesteriat

From the amazing little boutique shop in the North Winton Village comes a Rochesteriat exclusive. Fahsye, and good friend and owner Fon, have struck a chord with buyers already by offering these simple, affordable little necklaces that show your heart for the city you love. The charm is made out of a lightweight plastic so as to not weigh you down, and the silver and gold ones nearly sold out in less than 24 hours. At $15 including the chain, you can't go wrong.

BONUS - Look for more stock and items in the coming days from Fahsye. Fon's ROC Collection is a true inspiration to us, and we've seen people go nuts over the bracelets, necklaces - and guys - even cufflinks. Wanna see more? Check out more in her store next to Mayer Hardware!

6. Something Special

Thank (1)

We just celebrated our 2nd birthday in business, we have some great changes coming up ahead in the near future starting with the launch of the SHOP, and you've supported us all along the way. We'd like to say "Thank You" by offering FREE shipping until 11:59pm on 8/9/15 12noon 8/16/15. Hurry, this deal won't last long. (Do YOU know how expensive shipping is these days?! - yeah, we're finding out real quickly.)

We'll be updating our SHOP items constantly, and adding more things in the near future. Make sure to sign up for our weekly email (top right next to that cute lit'l cart!) to stay attuned to any new items, special deals, and all the latest happenings in our city. Once again thank you for following us, and if you have any feedback about the SHOP, the site, or you want to suggest a new item to sell, please send all communications to

Jason2Ok guys, this SHOP is not going to be all jewelry and girl's stuff. We're on the hunt to bring you the best guy's stuff, too! Keep watching, we have more exciting goods and deals right around the corner. Make sure to check out @theRochesteriat and give us a liking on Facebook.