The Brooklyn Wegmans is Coming


Recently, we wrote about Brooklyn's invasion of Rochester with West Elm. Now, the roles are reversed and Rochester is set to invade Brooklyn with Wegmans.

Wegmans isn't a new concept to Rochester, in fact it's been around since the early 1900's when it got its beginnings as the Rochester Fruit & Vegetable Company.

Not many places have a "hometown" grocery store like we do - and we probably take it for granted. Fresh produce, a great store brand, affordable prices, and top-notch customer service. Ask anyone who lives in NYC what their grocery buying experience is like and they'll probably sing a different tune: overpriced "organic" markets and bodegas with expired food. But that won't be the story forever.

A few months ago, Wegmans announced a future store - one coming to the old Brooklyn Navy Yard, opening in 2017. Knowing it was nothing more than an orange square on a map, we sought out the location back in June. Behold the soon-to-be home, of our hometown grocer, the Brooklyn Wegmans:

The Rochesteriat

The Rochesteriat

While it doesn't look like much, we know what it's going to become.

And while it is sad to know that these old pieces of "Admirals Row" will not be given a new life, it's comforting to know that there will be new jobs created...

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

... and a great grocery store for the many MANY surrounding residential buildings within walking distance. Brooklyn, we're happy to share a piece of our home with you!

In the News:
Wegmans to Open at Brooklyn Navy Yard | The New York Times
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Wegmans to Open at Brooklyn Navy Yard | Brooklyn Navy Yard Industrial Park

While I've never called Brooklyn home, we do enjoy visiting every so often. Now we'll have no issue finding groceries! Following along with the Rochesteriat on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Beautiful Design For Our City's Future


  the rochesteriat

When Home Leasing unveiled its plans to build a modern-looking townhome/apartment development near Hart's Grocers, we immediately took notice of the beautiful renderings that were produced by Bryant Design Studios. We're hoping that the project's chosen architectural firm, SWBR, will make good on those visual promises to the community - and we have a feeling they will by the looks of some of their other projects as diverse as the Carriage Factory and City Grill.

the RochesteriatRelated Post: Even The Geese Are Enjoying The City More


That leads us to this point: with all of the bustling development that has surfaced in downtown lately: Are we becoming a city that can afford to be a little pickier when it comes to demanding cooler looking buildings, beautiful design, and state-of-the-art architecture? It's no surprise that the exterior of a building's facade can make people take notice; it can signal to visitors that we take pride in our city, that we took the time to think, research, and construct from better materials; and with more eyes, ears, and bodies centered in a confined space, one can also argue that beautiful design ultimately makes our streets safer.


But we're neither sociologists, nor criminologists, and we're certainly not professional designers nor architects. We enjoy design, and do take notice when we spot unique, creative spaces that are made reality in our cities across America. As we've traveled a bit these past several years, we've noted a few urban developments that made us say to ourselves, "Wow, I wish there were designs like that in our city!"

The following are some of our favorites from cities across America, and, with the future of Charlotte Square and many other developments in the works, maybe we'll end up with something as cool as these. Feel free to let us know which ones are your favorites.

Emeryville, CA


San Francisco

San Francisco

San Francisco

San Francisco

San Diego

San Diego


Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn, NY








Fort Lauderdale, FL


Jason2Jason is co-Founder and Editor of the Rochesteriat. All of these cities offer amazing options for residents, but you'd pay 2-6 times what you'd pay in Rochester for a similar home. We'll let our money go farther here in ROC for the time being. Check out more @theRochesteriat or Facebook.


WALL\THERAPY: indiegogo



WALL\THERAPY's Indiegogo campaign recently launched and needs your help. With approximately one month left to support their 2014 campaign, this season looks to expand making this a bigger and better collection of events for our city. Indiegogo fundraiser link

No doubt you've heard about (and seen) many of the walls that have manifested out of what has become a street artist - city tradition here in Rochester. Having started as "Visual Intervention" back in 2011, what is now known as WALL\THERAPY continues year-after-year growing into a bigger and more expansive project throughout our city and region, with ultimately far reaching effects encompassing the globe.

You see, Wall\Therapy is closely linked with its sister initiative, "IMPACT!" (IMProving Access to Care by Teleradiology), and are housed together under its non-profit parent company, The Synthesis Collaborative. "The organization raises funds to set up teleradiology services within these developing communities and grow a network of volunteer radiologists around the world. These doctors use cloud computing to access images, interpret them and recommend treatment. As a result, afflictions that are commonly misdiagnosed, or missed entirely, are properly diagnosed, saving countless lives. Artists travel to these communities as well, improving life with inspirational murals."

Whether its by WALL\THERAPY or IMPACT!, to the founders, organizers, and curators that make up these organizations, the goals are inextricably linked - to bring about positive change utilizing images and imagery. One might do this by street art and beautifying public spaces, another by bringing medical care to communities in need. Tasked with bringing change to the world by the use of imagery? Probably not coincidental for Rochester residents, artists, doctors and the organizations inspired out of our "Image Capital of the World".

WALL\THERAPY has promised something of a change for 2014…hosting these smaller, highly curated events focusing on specific topics from now until old man winter returns. This past weekend, WALL\THERAPY started off its 2014 year with what was coined, "Writes of Spring". Several domestic and international artists were out and about painting with a focus on typography and the art of the letter. Take a look at some of the shots we got:

Niels Shoe Meulman - Amsterdam Niels Shoe Meulman 1 Niels Show Meulman 2

Queen Andrea - Brooklyn Queen Andrea 2Wall\Therapy artist Queen AndreaQueen Andrea 3

Max Ripo - Spain Wall\Therapy artist Max Ripo Max Ripo

Peeta - Italy  Wall\Therapy artist: Peeta Peeta Peeta

For More Information: WALL\THERAPY Facebook Huffington Post CITY

EvenOdd Creative


Have you been looking for a one-of-a-kind wallet, clutch, messenger bag, or accessory? Do you love finding things made out of unconventional, reclaimed materials? Here in our city, we have a place that marries the one-of-a-kind and unconventional with the recycled and reclaimed - it's called EvenOdd Creative. Check out their newly released video that gives us a glimpse into their creative process - Video credit: Practice Design Company.

Be on the lookout for more to come on this fabulous creative team here in our city!


1115 East Main Street Suite 321, Door 2, 3rd Floor
Rochester, NY 14609

NYC: Smorgasburg



Off the beaten path from the typical NYC getaway of Times Square and Central Park you'll find some amazing things. Over a weekend trek to Brooklyn if you want an urban adventure, this is definitely one of them.
Smorgasburg is for the food enthusiast. There are 2 locations where this amazing event happens, in Williamsburg every Saturday and in DUMBO every Sunday.
Here you'll find food from cultures all over the world. Grab a bite, if you can decide, find a seat in the grass, and enjoy the incredible view of Manhattan while you eat!
When you head to the Big Apple check out something new, you might find yourself in Brooklyn discovering what most tourists will never find.
Location & Times: Williamsburg: East River State Park (90 Kent Ave at N. 7 St.), Saturday's through November 23rd: 11am - 6pm Dumbo: Tobacco Warehouse (30 Water St.), Sunday's through November 24th: 11am-6pm