Slow Road, City Sights, and the MINI Spotlight


slow-road-mini Congrats to Ben Woelk and his team at Slow Road for getting the international spotlight directed towards Rochester (and surrounding areas) in the MINI Space Blog, Facebook, and Instagram photos (photo 1, photo 2)!

On November 5th, the Mini Space Team ran an original post about our friends at Slow Road on their website and blog, as well as their Instagram feed. On November 7th, MINI posted to Instagram once again, and then shared the Slow Road post to their Facebook on November 16th.

Slow Road

We're glad that MINI has recognized this extremely talented and creative team for their hard work, and, as you can tell, they've done it in style. This photo, taken over at Corn Hill Landing with our beautiful Freddie-Sue Bridge in the background, was the only city shot featured by MINI on their website and social media.

© Tyler Holbein

Come to find out, there was another city locale that the Slow Road team had used that wasn't featured by MINI…but we want to! Here is the star of the show at Cobbs Hill Park and Reservoir with the city skyline behind it. Incredibly sexy!

Thanks guys for all you are doing here in Rochester!

Jason2Jason is a self-proclaimed homebody here in our citythough he wouldn't mind doing a cross-country trip in a MINI Cooper. Check out more @JaySchwingle or Facebook