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the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

When traveling through the city, you're probably focused on the time and where you need to be. Most of us do it. But what you're missing is big, you're driving right by all the gems of Rochester's past (and future). Maybe it's time to get out of the car and give our city a second look, it is Spring after all.... right?

Did you know that the Landmark Society of Western NY has walking tours you can access online and on your phone? So, you can either print the maps ahead of time or just pull them up on your phone as you go! Why do we love this? Here are 4 reasons:

1. Six quick tours

These walks are broken down into manageable distances, averaging at 0.7 miles with the longest at 1.2 miles. You could even walk around the city for a few hours and enjoy each of these tours in one day.

2. It's good for you

We spend our time in cars, sitting down, eating, working at a desk and looking at our the screens on our phones. Going for a walk is good for you! When you travel to bigger cities like the Big Apple, you may not think twice about walking around for an hour or two (or five!) - why not do that here?

3. Our city is fascinating

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

With quite a few years of Wall\Therapy under our belt we are constantly discovering a new mural, maybe you'll discover a few as well. Our city also has beautiful architecture, sculptures and unique things that are easily missed when not taken in slowly.

4. It's ok to leave the path

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

You might be on a tour to look at specific buildings, but who's to say you can go off the path just a little. Our suggestion? Head to the top of a nearby parking garage for a different view of some of the places you just looked at from the ground. You'll have a whole new perspective on the city.

Each of these 6 walks give you different views and different things to learn about our in city, its buildings, and its history. Take a break, grab a friend, and go for a walk.

Landmark Society: Walking Tour Details

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Explore the city: 6 ways to enjoy autumn in the city


Let's face it, we all know that there are cooler temperatures ahead for our city - much cooler. But that does not mean that we have to go into immediate hibernation at the first signs of change when the heat leaves Rochester. Many of us think that the best season is right upon us, right now. The fall season offers some of the best times to get out and get some exercise and play time - walking, biking, running, photographing -with some of the most impressive colors of the year. So get out while you still can, and make sure to take note of these 6 picturesque areas right here in our city.


#1. The Park Ave area - Park Ave is one of the city's most popular neighborhoods. It is an area filled with college students that have moved away from their campuses in search of a more interesting experience, as well as passionate residents who care deeply about the community. A walk along Park Avenue will yield great people watching, beautiful scenery of old, historic homes, and even take you past some of the best diners, cafe's, and shops of the city. While this area is impressive at any time of the year, the sight of leaves on the ground turns this neighborhood into a fall fairy-tale with plenty of artsy-urban seating along the way to rest your weary feet for a moment and take in the sights.


#2. The George Eastman House Museum - If you're a photographer, novice or professional, you probably know of the George Eastman House. If you are not into photography or have not been here, you are missing out. Not only is this an International Museum of Photography and Film and some of its collections are said to surpass the Getty Museum of Los Angeles and the Met in NYC, this is also a place where you can get some of the most incredible views of the autumn colors, right in Eastman's very own backyard. You need not be a professional photographer to capture great views such as this one, the beauty pretty much handles the camera for you. Visit the George Eastman House website for more information.

Genesee River Walk

#3. The Genesee Riverwalk - There's a river that runs directly through the middle of our city and most people aren't even aware of it. We're here to tell you to give it a second look. From the Freddie-Sue Bridge on either side of the river heading south, you will see incredible views of the fall colors in plain sight. This is actually just a small portion of a 16 miles long scenic and multi-use trail that runs along the Genesee River here in Rochester called the Riverway Trail. From stops such as Gateway Park on the east side to the very popular Corn Hill Landing on the west bank, there is plenty to do and see. 


#4. Manhattan Square Park - Originally the site of the "Party in the Park" concert series, the often forgot about Manhattan Square Park sits right in the heart of downtown amongst the tallest skyscrapers and steps from the East End neighborhood. The park offers a true urban experience during the fall time with plenty of park benches and picnic tables to sit and ponder; outdoor art including the massive structure of steel by Kerro Breugging called "Tribute to Man"; and even a colorful playground for kids and adults who want to act like kids for a moment.


#5. Mt. Hope Cemetery - This is America's first municipal Victorian cemetery. Boasting 196 acres of beautifully landscaped rolling hills and valleys, you can feast your eyes on a wide array of trees and shrubbery that provide a rainbow of colors in the fall as walk along the paths of this cultural resource to Rochester. The Friends of Mt. Hope Cemetery provide weekly guided walking tours between May and the end of October, and the Fall Foliage and Torch Light Tours are some of the group's most popular events throughout the year. Click here for more information.


#6. Lower Falls Park - Going back to that river we call the Genesee running down the middle of our city, some people might be surprised to know that we have not one - but actually three significant waterfalls north of our downtown area. Why go to Niagara Falls when you can see something so beautiful right in our own backyard? If you did know of the falls, you might have seen the High Falls from the Pont de Rennes bridge or from the Genesee Brewery. But we urge you to head north towards Lower Falls Park. You will get to see an impressive sight of the falls with the changing colors alongside the walls of the river gorge here at this location, and you can take in the beauty while getting a sense as to how important the Genesee was to Rochester, especially in its early days. So head out the front door and go for a walk in the City!

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