Are You Ready for Your Next Big Project in the City?


Are you ready for your next BIG project in the city? More directly, let me ask, do you have the pockets deep enough to take this one on?

609 Mt. Hope Avenue is a historic home that sits just outside the north edge of Mt. Hope Cemetery in the South Wedge, one of the city’s most popular - and exciting neighborhoods. Although it’s not listed on Landmark Society’s recently announced 2018 Five to Revive, it certainly should be. With historical ties to the famed Barry Family (as in Ellwanger and Barry Nursery), and in fact sitting adjacent to the Ellwanger Estate that now operates as a Bed & Breakfast, your purchase of this home comes with legal deeded access to the Ellwanger Gardens in perpetuity.


Now listed at $420,000, it’s begging for the next Landmark Historian enthusiast to take it on. With over 5,000 sqaure feet of space sitting on nearly an acre of precious city land, this 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath gem was built at the turn of the 20th century and has the signs of aging to prove it.

And sure, most people will be turned off by how much work is needed in this property. But for those who do not let the facade of wear and tear detract them, make no mistake, this property has the potential to, once again, command its rightful place back onto Rochester’s best properties listings.

A few weeks ago, we got a quick peek inside and around the property from listing agent Leah Ferreri, and here’s what we saw:


….the remnants of beautiful landscaping that you can tell is top-notch once well groomed and maintained…


…some additions to the original house that have actually made it bigger over the years, a slate roof, original brick facade, and a gorgeous back-corner porch for relaxing.


Looking for that deeded access to the gardens? There are steps (albeit overgrown with weeds now) that lead to the Ellwanger property right from the backyard…


…and remnants of better times for the property.


Inside the home is a mix of the old with the new…


…but we really liked the wallpaper that still sticks although we’re not sure what relation to the history (if any) it really has.


There are multiple fireplaces in the home (5 or 6, depending on what online listing information you read)…


…hardwoods, beautiful windows, an organ (although the one that used to be there has more of an interesting story that Leah can tell)…


There’s plenty of natural light…


…and even a fully redone attic with separate kitchen, bath, and bedroom facilities for those looking to do some renting or even have a friend or family member live with you.


So what do you say, do you have what it takes to take this beautiful, historic home on?

See the listing here: 609 Mt. Hope

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Friday on the FRINGE: you DON'T want to miss this!



That's right - you WILL NOT want to miss: Friday on the Fringe featuring Circus Orange's "TRICYCLE", live, tonight, right here in our very own Center City presented by the The First Niagara Rochester Fringe Festival!

Larger than life, undoubtedly the largest 3-wheeled vehicle to ever come through Manhattan Square: TRICYCLE-1

If you've been wanting to check out the Fringe the last few years, have heard so many wonderful things about it, but maybe you're overwhelmed with the fact that there are over 380 shows and events and you don't know where to start - Friday on the Fringe is the single most important place you should start to whet your Fringe appetite. The BEST thing about it - it's FREE and it's an evening you won't forget!

Friday on the Fringe: Friday, September 19th, 5-9pm at Martin Luther King Jr. Park at Manhattan Square (next to National Museum of Play) Fringe Highlights Stage - 5-7:30pm Buskers and Street Performers - 5-7:30pm Manhattan Square Bowl performances - 5-7:30pm Food & Drink available - food trucks and The Distillery Tent TRICYCLE - 7:30-8:30pm Rochester Fringe Official Website

From the Fringe website:

"If you loved BANDALOOP, wait ‘til you see CIRCUS ORANGE! Part mad science, part street theatre and 100% spectacle, Canada’s CIRCUS ORANGE creates lucid dreams with explosive shows that combine mind-blowing pyrotechnics, special effects and aerial rigging with street theatre, clowning, fire arts, dance and circus. They’ll bring to the Fringe their magnificent production, TRICYCLE, but this is no kiddie bike, folks. This TRICYCLE is a magnificent, 18-foot machine that makes its nomadic journey right through the crowd, blurring the lines between audience and performer. Improvised, ground-based interactions and stunts take place along the way, with larger production numbers created at key staging areas. Then, try to catch your breath before the TRICYCLE pops a wheelie 60 feet over your head, becoming a human-powered pyro wheel. Oh, and a full-scale fireworks show rages in the background. It’s the most fun Rochester’s ever had on three wheels!"

Watch a video clip of Circus Orange:

Please note: Featured image and slider courtesy of Rochester Fringe 

Looking for a dog in the city?



Dave's Sidewalk Cafe As we say goodbye to the month of July, another July 4th Holiday quickly passes and we also say goodbye to National Hot Dog day (July 23rd) and National Hot Dog Month. But that doesn't mean you have to bid farewell to finding a good dog in the city, because as it turns out, there are plenty of good street meat carts out in full effect for a good portion of the year.

We already mentioned one of the city's most popular carts, Dave's Sidewalk Cafe (pictured above at the Dachshund Parade), in an earlier post we did in the spring (where the meat meets the street). Here are 6 other street meat carts around this dog-lovin' city that will keep you in the mood for some good ol' fashioned summertime eats.

1. Donna Daddy's  Donna Daddys

Owner Donna Wert has been at this for some 14 years, and you can say she knows a thing or two about making a good dog and burger. With her own homemade Greek hot sauce to smother any meal and prices that range from $3-$6, it's no wonder that local software development firm OS-Cubed has a 24/7 webcam watching to check for her availability. Those are some hungry developers that keep her in business! Where to find: Intersection of College Ave and Goodman Street across from Village Gate - map Specialties: Greek hot sauce + Gourmet burgers including the "Donna Bella Burger" Media: City Newspaper


2. The "Original Hots Man" StandHots Man

The "Original Hots Man" (above) and Haddad's Catering (pictured below) both license their shops to sit in front of the Monroe County Court Building, just down from the current Democrat & Chronicle offices and across the street from the Blue Cross Arena, a few feet apart from each other. Each one tries to capitalize on the bountiful amount of foot traffic during the lunchtime, and I am sure tries to prove that although you may have lost everything in court, America is still a great country because we have hot dogs. Where to find: near the intersection of Exchange Blvd & Court Street - map Specialties: not leaving people with a bad taste in their mouth after court You might want to know: If you have an hour wait at Dinosaur BBQ, you can grab a quick bite down the street at not one, but two choices of street meet vendors to whet your appetite.

3. Haddad's Catering Cart Haddads catering


4. Sofia's Specialty Sofias

Sofia's Specialty Cart is located at the busy corner of Main Street and Exchange Blvd (State Street) where he hopes to capture a good portion of the downtown office lunch crowd. Along with the basic hot dog and bun, the menu at this cart includes Italian sandwiches of prosciutto and sofaletta's which are variations of meats, cheeses, and olive paste on a roll. Where to find: intersection of Main Street & Exchange Blvd - map Specialties: Prosciutto and sofaletta's You might want to go: before 11:30a or after 1:30pm as the line can be long for lunch


5. Monster Hots Monster Hots

You may have seen Steve Plum and his Monster Hots cart on the corner of East & Chestnut in front of the New York State Supreme Court Building, kitty corner to RG&E. But did you know he has a huge following, always has a smile on his face, takes pride in the cleanliness of his cart, serves everything from grilled cheese to cajun chicken sandwiches, accepts credit and debit cards, and even makes his own spices?! Keep tabs on Steve's daily specials from his Facebook page, and know that you'll know that you've been served by one of our city's best! Where to find: corner of East Ave and Chestnut Street - map Specialties: Friendly service, Monster Meal deals, Spicy Steve's Volcanic Ash exotic pepper Kudos: Yelp Review


6. James' Hots James Hots

Where can you buy anything for $1 these days? Not many places at all unless you're at a 7Eleven or a Dollar Tree store. That's what James' hook on the street is - Dollar Dogs. With a menu that is simple, inexpensive, and straightforward, not much stands in your way from having those Rochester favorite Zweigles hots and some French's mustard…doesn't get any more ROC-local than that! Where to find: near the intersection of Church Street and State Street - map - across from the recently opened Dunkin' Donuts Specialties: Dollar Dogs, simple menu You might want to go: after you paid that tax bill at city hall just down the street, it's about the only thing you can still afford


Richard Margolis: photographing ROC



Some people pursue jobs for the money, others pursue passions. Richard Margolis is the latter. He has been in Rochester for over 35 years and in his current studio on the 4th floor of the Anderson Arts building for over 15.

4th-floorRichard Margolis Studio

With his own darkroom in the studio, Richard is able to develop almost everything in house. While he mainly works in black and white film which he develops, he also shoots in digital.


His work can be seen all over the city, including places like the Greater Rochester International Airport, the Powers Building, Artisan Works and The Little Theatre (see Exhibitions list). He is also currently working with the Landmark Society of Western NY, to produce a book of Rochester Landmarks:

Rochester Landmarks BookRichard Margolis Photography Richard Margolis has a heart for city preservation and his photographs show it.


As an architectural and fine art photographer, his art catalogs and shows what makes Rochester a great place to live. Shooting landmarks, buildings being preserved, the George Eastman House, and even trees, we can see Rochester as he sees it, "the things we take for granted" he said, "an aspect of history and culture, a story".

So, enjoy Richard's work around the city, schedule a visit to the studio, or from October through May you can stop into the Studio on First Fridays to enjoy his work and talk with him about what makes Rochester great.

Richard Margolis Studio: Website Facebook Page Schedule a studio visit

Studio: 250 N. Goodman St. 4th Floor, Suite 9 Rochester, NY 14607

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Abode: opening day


We'd like to send a Welcoming Congratulations! to the two style and design entrepreneurs at Abode Rochester, Amanda DeFisher and Ariane Krenchyn, opening their doors in the South Wedge today (April 2nd) for the very first time! Abode front desk

Both owners are thrilled to be located in the South Wedge, and are excited about serving a growing base of individuals and families looking to put a little bit of a curated style into their homes.

Abode gallery

In their own words, "...we’re hand selecting affordable items from local, national and vintage designers, and piecing them together in fresh and inspiring ways to help you express your own personal style (without costing you an arm and a leg)."

When you step inside, you just might get a sense that these two have a knack for picking out mid-century treasures, and you'd be right...

Abode glasses

From glasses and trays and the ever-popular succulents...

Abode 2

…to lamps, shades, furniture, and artwork both general -

Abode art

…as well as very local (hanging planter by Genesee Pottery Artist-in-Residence, Katie Carey).

One could say that these ladies have a lot to live up to artistically, being housed in the building where you have an extraordinary piece of Wall\Therapy adorning the entire side wall of the building.

Abode wall therapy

In the coming weeks, make sure to stop on in to Abode Rochester to check out this brand new shop and say hello to both Amanda and Ariane.

Abode front entrance

Abode Rochester Website Facebook

Hours: Mon: closed Tues: closed Wed to Fri: 12noon - 8pm Sat: 11am - 8pm Sun: 12noon - 5pm

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