Plane to Trail to Train - an urbanite's guide to the Hudson Highlands


Big-CityWhen traveling to NYC you often think about all the "BIG CITY" aspects: the buildings, traffic, the night life, and the hundreds of thousands of people you may pass in a day. But you may not think about what lies just shortly outside of the city along the Hudson. For us here in Rochester we're pretty central and NYC is just a quick hour flight away.

Fly But if you're interested in a different trip outside of the city, head to Grand Central Station. Let us show you the Hudson Highlands.

Grand Central

Step 1: Get on the Correct Train

With trains heading in every possible direction every few minutes, it's important to get on the correct one. Do some research and don't be afraid to ASK! Get your tickets and find your train. A day of hiking awaits.

buy-tickets On this trip we're heading to Cold Spring, about an hour and a half train ride north along the Hudson.

TrainTickets Seated comfortably? Good - now just enjoy the view.

Train-View2 Train-View

Step 2: Leave the Train and Head into Town

Cold-Spring-Train-Station Trails-Sign Just a minute walk from the train you'll find yourself in the small town of Cold Spring, stop at the restroom, believe us, you'll want to. Then head into town to get a few water bottles and a granola bar - you'll want them for the hike!

Step 3: Find the Trail

Time to warm up your legs, the head of the trail is an easy 15 minute walk outside town. Just look for the signs.

Hudson-Highlands Hudson-Highlands-Trail-Maps Find the right trail and grab a map. We're going to hike Bull Hill, following the white trail markers (until we decide to take the blue trail to the red trail).

Step 4: Hike!

Well, what are you waiting for - get going!

Flat-Trail Don't forget to keep and eye out for the trail markers...

white-trail-marker ... and enjoy the view.


Step 5: Check the Map

For this hike there were some options to stay on the same trail the entire way or to venture onto another. Make sure you know where you want to go!


Step 6: Have Fun

Caterpillar Take photos often and have fun. That's what hiking is all about right?

And, if you see something like NYC written on a stone. Stop to see why it's there...

NYC-Stone You may just end up with a great view of the Big City...

See it Oh and what else did we stumble across? Ruins from the Cornish Estate long gone...

Estate-Ruins Ruins house-ruins

Step 7: Head Home

You did it! Congratulations. Head back into town and eat - you deserve it. Done eating? Ok, we were too hungry to take pictures of our food and coffee so you'll have to use your imagination.

Head back to the train and rest. Take in the sights once more and head home.

Trip-home As city dwellers, we know we like to hike the pavement most often, but even so, here in Rochester we're surrounded by so many great hiking trails. Sometimes, it's just nice to get out of our own city and get a different perspective.

Hiking the Hudson: Website