Fringe Backstage: Intrepid



(The following is a guest post from Sammi Cohen, a Rochesteriat Fringe blog contributor and Fringe performer herself.)

This is my first Fringe experience that I've had the opportunity to really enjoy. By that, I mean that this is the first year I haven't been producing my own show in the Fringe. The first year, I produced, costumed and appeared in Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the Xerox Auditorium, and because we were all on a learning curve, putting that show together was probably one of the most stressful experiences of my life. Last year, I took on those same roles for ROOMS: a rock romance at RAPA; things went more smoothly than year one, but since I was also in non-Fringe shows at the same time both years, I scarcely made it through with my sanity intact. Tears were cried, tempers flared, sleep was lost, and copious amounts of fast food was consumed. But we survived, and we loved every minute.

Backstage at Intrepid However, I feel relieved and excited that this year, I can attend far more events than in years past, but I still feel very connected to the Fringe as a performer. I'm appearing in an original work, called Intrepid, at Geva Theatre's Nextstage tonight at 6 PM. It's both a workshop and a staged reading; I've never understood why some actors shy away from new works, but I've found them to be incredibly rewarding. It's also refreshing to be a part of a piece where there is really no ego involved. Leah (our playwright and an intrepid reporter, herself) has been incredibly open to collaboration, and has been lovely to work with. The four other ladies in the cast are hilarious, bright, talented and strong women (which is only fitting, given that the show is about 5 such women), and I am humbled to be in their company.

Intrepid Cast (Photo courtesy Leah Stacy)

Sammi is a native Rochesterian and is no stranger to the Fringe, having performed in the festival for the past three seasons (including this year, as part of Intrepid on the Geva Theatre Nextstage).  In addition to her work as a singer and actress, Sammi also runs The Soubrette Brunette, a personal fashion and style blog that focuses on all things retro, kitschy and girly.  Follow her antics on Instagram: @thesoubrettebrunette