Layover: a bite of the city in jfk's terminal 5


Not every trip to and from the airport should be an excruciating experience of waiting in a long line just to get through being screened like a criminal, then having to deal with weather delays, screaming children, and/or mechanicals.

Does a good experience only come to those who pay for first class?

NO! And to prove this is a company that wants to allow the average traveler a chance to sit down, have a cocktail, soda, or wine, charge your phone, and surf the web - all in one city-inspired place.

"loft. Kitchen & Bar" is a new concept recently developed and opened by OTG Management. If you are traveling through JFK's Terminal 5 in the near future, you might want to check out this new restaurant/bar while you wait for your ride in the sky to take you to your next destination.

loft From the moment you walk in, you get a feeling that you're getting the New York City experience inspired from the large lofts in the Meatpacking District in the trendy Manhattan neighborhood.

loft2 With a traditional American fare menu gleaming directly off of iPads at every seat, the beauty of this place stands out in the mixture of the urban/industrial bar, set on top of a beautiful hardwood flooring and intermingled with minimalistic seating. The mixture of white subway tile and the walls decked out with a dark chalkboard feel of New York City neighborhoods, reminds patrons that the big city is never too far away. Not only are the iPads the information hub for the menu, but also complimentary tool for customers to surf the internet, charge your phone, or check in for your next flight. What a concept!

loft3 The lighting also retains that industrial feel being the larger, heavy-duty pendants with a vintage charm. And currently, this is the only restaurant that offers a view of the outside, therefore during the day time the restaurant gets a good amount of natural light and you don't feel like you are trapped in a dungeon.

The next time you fly, try a little something different. Contrary to what many believe, there are companies out there trying to make your travel experience (through an airport) just a little bit better.

For more information: Bloomberg News (video) OTG Management