MWADV: Wear Your Flair Contest!!

If you've seen Office Space you'll remember the scene where Joanna gets scolded at her job for her flair.

Well, break out your flair and wear it to our Movies With a Downtown View event at the Center City Terrace + Lounge at the Hyatt on Thursday, August 2nd. Because space is limited, this is our only ticketed MWADV event. Grab the early-bird price of $15 through 7/31 at 11:59pm before the price goes up to $20.

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

Each ticket includes: your first beverage (enjoy a Milton's Mai Tai, or choose from a selection of beer or wine), gourmet popcorn, free raffles, the movie, and a beautiful night in downtown!

Flair Contest:

During the event take a picture of yourself wearing your flair and it post on Facebook or Instagram using the Hashtag #MWADV to be entered into the contest. If you do not use FB or IG find Stefanie & Jason, the event organizers to be entered. We will have an AMAZING prize for the attendee with the most creative flair, and trust us, by showing off your flair and "terrific smile", you won't be disappointed!

Voting will take place before the movie begins.

Get details & tickets: MWADV Ticket Page

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This Map Shows Downtown Rising


RDDC If you haven't seen this map yet, or if you don't know who or what RDDC is, you should. Tracking everything from big, blockbuster type projects to even the smallest residential works in the pipeline, the Rochester Downtown Development Corporation are the "Downtown Experts" that function to keep a keen eye out for everything that is happening in downtown Rochester. They help support, promote, market, and partner with local stakeholders to keep projects moving forward - so we, the general public, can have a more vibrant downtown. The best part is, all of this information is provided to you - FREE for the taking!

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Every year, the RDDC tracks hundreds of millions of dollars (hopefully that will be billions in the near future!) of development projects all across the urban landscape of our downtown area. By the end of each year, the organization publishes its Downtown Market Summary, which then can be separated into the DT Housing Report, the DT Office Space Summary, the Development Summary, and of course, the Downtown Rising Map and its key.

With over 6,000 residents living in downtown currently (that number is expected to jump to nearly 8,000 in a few years), nearly 50,000 downtown workers, and the 5+ million visitors to our city each year, we think it's a good idea to know what's happening around you. Thanks RDDC!

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