15 Places You Should Be Thinking of for Brunch

the Rochesteriat | Jines

the Rochesteriat | Jines

Rochester's brunch game is strong.

There are a lot of the great diners and restaurants for breakfast, like neighbors, Jine's and The Frog Pond, but do you know about these 15 great places? If not, you should be thinking about them for brunch (p.s. we revised our post from 10 to 15, because ROC is so great).

1. Blu Wolf Bistro

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

While you may think of stopping here for a burger and drink after work, don't miss out on Blu Wolf's brunch offerings like their Hangover Bowls and Chicken n'Waffles.

Find it: Website, Map

2. Brown Hound Downtown

Brown Hound has been located in the Memorial Art Gallery for a year now. With the bakery and the restaurant you'll find many offerings including lunch, dinner, and brunch on the weekend.

Find it: Website, Map

3. Cure

Cure, located at the Public Market, focuses on seasonal menus from locally sourced products. And in case you didn't know it, Sunday is brunch day. Check it out.

Find it: Website, Map

4. The Frog Pond

Another longtime breakfast staple in the city is The Frog Pond. Open for breakfast and lunch daily, they offer a menu full of omelets, eggs benedict and more.

Find it: Website, Map

5. Glen Edith Coffee

Glen Edith Coffee on Somerton St. off Park Ave. has been serving up waffles, breakfast sandwiches and more since the beginning. Who doesn't love breakfast all day, everyday?

Find it: Website, Map

6. Lento

Lento does not offer brunch every week, so you have to keep your eyes on their social media accounts for upcoming brunch days!

Find it: Website, Map

7. Locals Only

Breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, cocktails… Locals Only is more than just a coffee shop. Check out their menu to see what they’re all about.

Find it: Website, Map

8. Marty's on Park

From food truck, to brick and mortor, to brunch! Marty's is a new addition to our list, just launching brunch on February 18th.

Find it: Website, Map

9. McCann's Local Meats

Breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, and so much goodness from one of our favorite local meat establishments. And now, thanks to their new espresso machine, you can get a latte, cappuccino, cortado and more.

Find it: Website, Map

10. Nosh

The newest of all of these restaurants, Nosh, has recently announced on Instagram that brunch is finally here. Need we say more?

Find it: Website, Map

11. The Owl House

The Owl House has great options for not only the meat-eaters, but also vegans, vegetarians and people who are dining gluten free. Enjoy the Chicken N Waffles or even the Tofu N Waffles (and don't miss the brunch cocktails).

Find it: Website, Map

12. Radio Social

With their Middle Eastern cuisine, Radio Social’s brunch runs from 11am-3pm on Sundays. Their menu changes seasonally so follow along on social media or check out their website for the latest menu.

Find it: Website, Map

13. The Revelry

While The Revelry is open Tuesday-Saturday for dinner, they also feature a great Sunday brunch. Check out specialties like The Sangwich or the Short Rib Pastrami Hash.

Find it: Website, Map

14. ROUX

The kitchen at Roux is putting out classic French cuisine and the brunch is top-notch from the Waffle Sammy and Smoked Salmon to the simpler Brûléed Grapefruit.

Find it: Website, Map


In case you didn't know, not only does TRATA have great lunch and dinner options (plus all the cocktails, beer & wine), but brunch ALL DAY on Sundays.

Find it: Website, Map

This post was originally written January 2017 and was updated on 1/25/19!

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Stefanie is Co-Founder of the Rochesteriat. She is a big fan of all breakfast foods from the sweet to the savory and can't pass up a great brunch. Join the conversation on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Check Out This Visual Tour of ROC Food Thanks to Instagram

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

You're on Instagram throughout the day, checking out what people are posting, seeing the city through their eyes, discovering new perspectives, places and of course, food. Whether it's friends and what they're eating for lunch or restaurants highlighting their special of the day we're constantly craving something we just saw on our feed.

Here's a visual tour of some great places in ROC, because we saw their food on Instagram and now we want it.


@restaurantFiorella |  Instagram

@restaurantFiorella | Instagram

This was a few days ago and not the special today at Fiorella, but really - they've got great food everyday so keep an eye on their account for the latest and greatest.

Pudgy Girl @ Mullers Cider House

@PudgyGirlBakery |  Instagram

@PudgyGirlBakery | Instagram

This week we saw that Pudgy Girl Bakery's awesome vegan desserts are now available at Mullers Cider House - we love seeing localites collaborate.


@Roux688 |  Instagram

@Roux688 | Instagram

French, we are craving French, thanks to ROUX. We missed this special, but would have gobbled it up.


@Butapub |  Instagram

@Butapub | Instagram

We're not quite sure yet what is tucked under all of that green, but we want this bowl from ButaPub none-the-less!


@SirRochaSays |  Instagram

@SirRochaSays | Instagram

Thanks to Sir Rocha Says, this week we're craving major comfort food and this Pot Pie from ORBS definitely looks like it would do the trick!

Crepe N' Go

@eatliveroc |  Instagram

@eatliveroc | Instagram

Thanks to EatLiveRoc's Instagram feed we were reminded that Crepe N' Go just opened on Monroe Ave and we cannot wait to get there.

Marty's Meats

@MartysMeats |  Instagram

@MartysMeats | Instagram

Not only do these bagel sandwiches look to die for, but Marty's Meats is always cranking out the best from Park Ave and their truck.

Hart's Local Grocers

@HartsLocalGrocers |  Instagram

@HartsLocalGrocers | Instagram

French Fries & breakfast sandwiches! Who needs home fries or hash browns, Hart's now has fries on the menu - perfect.

What about you, who do you follow that keeps you up to date on what you need to eat?

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Stefanie is Co-Founder of the Rochesteriat and needs more money to eat out everyday and enjoy all this food! Join the conversation on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.