The Yards: creativity & collaboration



"I think people are more willing to collaborate in Rochester because there's so much need and so much to be built that people wanna build it together."

"I want people to stop being surprised that cool stuff comes out of this city." 

These statements, beautifully told by two the founders of The Yards, Sarah Rutherford and Lea Rizzo, perfectly represent the movement that is currently shaping up all around our city. If you know where the Public Market is, you know where The Yards is at. Take a look:

More information on The Yards: Website Facebook

A BIG shout-out to Leah Stacy Wayner, Pete Wayner, and Kevin Kennedy for the use of this great content. These are the three best friends behind the Bly Project, a media venture that began in 2012 aided in part by a Kickstarter campaign and the passion to travel and tell stories for social good. We certainly hope to see more of this Project in the near future.

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