The Brooklyn Wegmans is Coming


Recently, we wrote about Brooklyn's invasion of Rochester with West Elm. Now, the roles are reversed and Rochester is set to invade Brooklyn with Wegmans.

Wegmans isn't a new concept to Rochester, in fact it's been around since the early 1900's when it got its beginnings as the Rochester Fruit & Vegetable Company.

Not many places have a "hometown" grocery store like we do - and we probably take it for granted. Fresh produce, a great store brand, affordable prices, and top-notch customer service. Ask anyone who lives in NYC what their grocery buying experience is like and they'll probably sing a different tune: overpriced "organic" markets and bodegas with expired food. But that won't be the story forever.

A few months ago, Wegmans announced a future store - one coming to the old Brooklyn Navy Yard, opening in 2017. Knowing it was nothing more than an orange square on a map, we sought out the location back in June. Behold the soon-to-be home, of our hometown grocer, the Brooklyn Wegmans:

The Rochesteriat

The Rochesteriat

While it doesn't look like much, we know what it's going to become.

And while it is sad to know that these old pieces of "Admirals Row" will not be given a new life, it's comforting to know that there will be new jobs created...

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

... and a great grocery store for the many MANY surrounding residential buildings within walking distance. Brooklyn, we're happy to share a piece of our home with you!

In the News:
Wegmans to Open at Brooklyn Navy Yard | The New York Times
Wegmans set to open first New York City Store at Brooklyn Navy Yard | Daily News
Wegmans to Open at Brooklyn Navy Yard | Brooklyn Navy Yard Industrial Park

While I've never called Brooklyn home, we do enjoy visiting every so often. Now we'll have no issue finding groceries! Following along with the Rochesteriat on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Amore's Italian Street Fest - Round 2


the Rochesteriat Rochester festivals are one of the many things we love about life here in the ROC, so we're quite excited to see that Amore's Italian Street Fest is back for year two.

Here's a quick peek inside last year's Fest to get you excited for this Saturday, June 6th:

Amore Italian Street Fest

Held in the parking lot in front of the restaurant (at the East Ave Wegmans), Amore transformed the area last year and filled a tent with delicious food and live music.

the Rochesteriat

There was a live demonstration on how to properly crack a wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano...

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

...with plenty of samples to go around at the end.

the Rochesteriat

There was a lot of cheese, but there was more than just cheese.

the Rochesteriat

There was also charcuterie, pasta, pizza, sausage, shrimp, veggies and more, but apparently we were too busy enjoying the food to actually take a picture of it!

the Rochesteriat

This year's menu and details can be found on their website. Looks like it will be another great year.

Italian Street Fest: Website Saturday, June 6th: 4-9pm

Find Amore on: Facebook Twitter

Stefanie is co-Founder and Editor of the Rochesteriat. She is not Italian, but could eat pasta, pizza, and Italian goodies any day of the week! Find her with a camera & phone in hand, taking photos for @theRochesteriat on Instagram. Follow her on Twitter.

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Congratulations Wegmans, You Did It!


New York City Not too long ago I was living in the East Village of Manhattan, as a single guy with not a care in the world, but also very little money after the rent was paid. I remember wanting to make a quick and easy dinner: why not go with cereal? Such a guy-thing, or post-college-I'm-starving-thing to do...all I needed was the cold milk and a bowl of my favorite sugary-marshmallowy packed goodness. This could only be $5 at most, no?

That's when reality set in. New York City wasn't a place that was blessed by the grocery gods. It became all-too apparent that no matter where I went shopping in the Lower East Side, in Manhattan, or in the Tri-State region (Wegmans had not expanded quite yet) I was soon paying nearly $5 for the gallon of milk, and another $5 or so for a box of stale cereal that had been sitting on the shelf since Ed Koch was Mayor. What gives?

The Daily Rant

In one word, and we all know it up here in Western New York: Wegmans. Most places around this country just aren't as lucky as we are. I guess the best thing about that is that they don't even know it, so let's call it "The Less You Know" campaign. Until Wegmans gets there, they'll just never know.

So the point I am getting to is this: for those of us who grew up in this city (or have been here for some time) with the amazing Wegmans at our beck and call - helping us out with every aspect of our lives including everyday groceries, medications, birthday parties, super bowl bashes, lunch-time subs, etc. - we tend to take it for granted that we have it so good. Usually we don't even know that to be true until we leave this area for a place that doesn't know of Wegmans and all its glory.

And it's not until we take a step back and see from the national spotlight how our local flavor is viewed in the eyes of others do we regain a sense of pride and astonishment as to what Wegmans really built in Rochester and beyond. With that, and with all the child-like wonder of Buddy-the-Elf, we'd like to say "You Did It! Congratulations!"

We wanted to share some of the press that has been written on Wegmans in recent times, and congratulate them for some of their recent honors of being named in the Top 100 Best Companies To Work For by Fortune (again!), Best Supermarket in America by Consumer Reports (2014), and America's Most Respected Retailer by Harris Polls (2015).

25 Reasons Wegmans Is The Greatest Supermarket The World Will Ever Know

Top 100 Best Companies To Work For

21 Reasons You Should Join The Wegmans Cult

The Most Respected Retailer In America

Consumer Reports - Best Grocery Store In America

Jason2Jason is co-Founder and Editor of the Rochesteriat. While the parking situation over at the East Avenue Wegmans leaves much to be desired, Amore Restaurant certainly makes up for it with their $5 pizzas on Tues, Wed, and Thurs nights. Check out more @theRochesteriat or Facebook


Amore: so much to love



Amore Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar recently launched a new menu and since we've been eager to go, we decided this was the perfect chance. While you may not think a "supermarket restaurant" would be your first choice for a great experience, we beg to differ. Once inside you'll quickly forget where you just entered from, whether it be the parking lot...

Amore Outside Entrance or the store...

Amore Store Entrance While Wegmans has no plans to ever leave the Grocery business, they've added a few restaurants to the mix. Danny Wegman and his wife, Stency, love restaurants, restaurant culture, and dining out - and they want to share the experience they love - with you.

Dining Area What was the inspiration for an Italian restaurant, you ask? A love for Italian food! We certainly loved everything we've had so far, from the Vegetable Rustica appetizer, to the pizzas.

Vegetable Rustica Pizza at Amore You may be surprised to find out that a lot of the inspiration and influence for Amore is actually from an Italian restaurant in Switzerland. The decor even has a bit of an Austrian influence. We couldn't help but admire the reclaimed wood beams that are found throughout the restaurant. Amore wasn't made to look or feel new, but it has a more "well loved" feel with a mix of modern touches.

Downstairs Seating Area Interested in watching the Chefs make your dinner? It's easy to peer into the kitchen at Amore... it's even the first thing you see when you walk in (and we love the pizza oven!):

Pizza OvenChefs at Amore The ingredients are fresh. Did we mention that all of the sauces as well as the pizza dough are homemade? And the pizza dough only has 5 ingredients - water, flour, yeast, salt and extra virgin olive oil. Simple and delicious!

Fresh Ingredients In addition to the main dining area, there is a second level.....

The Stairs at Amore Second Floor Seating Area ...and an indoor terrace that will make you forget you're even in Rochester!

Amore Inside Terrace Whether you grab a table or a seat at the bar you can enjoy a glass of wine from their vast selection.

Bar at Amore 39 wines can be ordered by the glass or quartino (approximately a glass and a half worth), and almost every one of those is also available by the bottle. 85% of the wines are Italian wines with a few from New York State and California.

Wine Glass Besides the wonderful food, great service, and cozy atmosphere, we loved sitting down with Restaurant Manager, Jigmed Latshang, to learn more about the vision and heart of the restaurant. Having been in the culinary and hospitality industry for many years, both stateside and abroad, Jigmed has called Rochester home for the last 5 years and he loves it. "You can just feel it, something is about to happen", he said to us as we talked about the potential in the city. "Rochester has to be its own place", he said, "it's not New York City and it's not Chicago". We really feel like Amore (and Jigmed) are adding to the restaurant culture of the city and we hope you do too.

Their hope at Amore, is to create healthy, classic Italian food. "Good, simple dishes that people will enjoy." They also hope that when you leave... you've had a great time!

Amore Details: Website: Phone: (585) 452-8780

Lunch: Sun - Sat: 11:30AM - 4PM

Dinner: Sun - Thurs: 4PM - 9PM Fri - Sat: 4PM - 10PM

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National Museum of Play: leave the "real world" behind



Once upon a time you were a kid, but now you're a grown adult. Somewhere along the way you stopped playing and became so focused on work. Well, you don't have to be a kid or have kids to go to the Museum of Play. Trust us, we know! And, for that matter, maybe you DO have kids, so naturally, this is for you too!

Have you ever walked into Wegmans and wanted to play on the register? You can here: Wegmans Super Kids Market Wegmans Super Kids MarketOr maybe this would interest you more, gain superpowers with your favorite comic book characters:

National Museum of Play Comic Books

Or if you just want to escape to a tropical oasis, especially in the winter, check out the Dancing Wings Butterfly Garden:

National Museum of Play Butterfly GardenNational Museum of Play Butterfly GardenNational Museum of Play Butterfly Garden

If you still can't imagine what you'd do there, check out their list of things to see and do... I'm sure you'll find something to do in 150,000 square feet of exhibit space!

National Museum of Play Hours: Monday–Thursday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday & Saturday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday, noon to 5 p.m.

Here are some great offers from the Museum: Are you a college student? The museum offers two-for-one general admission to students with current college ID! (Both students must present valid ID.)

Or there's an Active Duty Military Discount: The museum offers a $2 discount on general admission fees to active-duty military personnel (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy) and his or her immediate family members who present appropriate and valid identification.

Go, be free, and play like there's no one watching!

Website: 585-263-2700

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