Winter Time-Lapse


Do you really appreciate the winter? From the negativity we hear all season around these parts, we can safely say that there are more people that would rather never see another winter (if it were up to them) than people who really embrace it. And trust us, we're not knocking the knockers. But take a look at this video of Rochester's winter time-lapse that we found on Vimeo by an artist named Mindrelic. We don't know him at all (assuming he's a he) nor do we know if he's still around our city as this video was shot over 4 years ago, but he captured an interesting way to look at the winter in our city.

I guess even winter can look cool when you're sitting in your comfy office space or home away from the elements. Thanks Mindrelic!

Jason is co-Founder and Editor of the Rochesteriat. When he and his wife retire, they're moving to Southern California where there is no such thing as winter. Check out more @JaySchwingle or Facebook