Take a Stroll through Downtown & Learn


the Rochesteriat When traveling through the city, you're probably focused on the time and where you need to be. Most of us do it. But what you're missing is big, you're driving right by all the gems of Rochester's past (and future). Maybe it's time to get out of the car and give our city a second look.

Landmark Society

The Landmark Society of Western NY has recently announced that their walking tours have joined the 21st century and can now be accessed online and on your phone. You can either print the maps ahead of time or access the mobile version on the go. Why do we love this? Here are 5 reasons:

1. Six quick tours

the Rochesteriat

These walks are broken down into manageable distances, averaging at 0.7 miles with the longest at 1.2 miles. You could literally walk around the city for a few hours and enjoy each of these tours in one day.

2. It's good for you

We spend our time in cars, sitting down, eating, working at a desk and looking at our the screens on our phones. Going for a walk is good for you! When you travel to bigger cities like the Big Apple, you may not think twice about walking around for hours - why not do that here?

3. Our city is fascinating

the Rochesteriat

With a few years of Wall\Therapy under our belt we are constantly discovering a new mural, maybe you'll discover a few as well. Our city also has beautiful architecture, sculptures and unique things that are missed when not taken in slowly.

5. It's ok to leave the path

the Rochesteriat

You might be on tour to look at specific buildings, but who's to say you can go off the path just a little. Our suggestion? Head to the top of a nearby parking garage for a different view of some of the places you just looked at from the ground. You'll have a whole new perspective on the city.

Each of these 6 walks give you different views and different things to learn about our city, its buildings, and its history. Take a break, take a walk.

Landmark Society: Walking Tour Details