Take a Walk in the Park: Highland Park

highland Park

highland Park

Jobs, family life, bills to pay...life happens. But this summer, we're being a little more intentional about how we're spending our time.

That's why we're on a mission to make a point to explore some of our city's best hikes, walks, and picnic areas in our urban environment. We should all consider ourselves lucky here in Rochester - not only do we have an amazing city to call home, but we have unbelievable parklands that are right in our backyards. From Center City, driving to any city park in Rochester would take you 15-20 minutes at most - and that's being very conservative on the time.   

Highland Park

The lush greenery, beautiful plantings...

...deep valleys carved out from glaciers of the past...

...and trails underneath tall pines that will give you some relief from the hot sun. 


Looking for a quiet place to sun yourself this summer without all the craziness at the beach? Highland Park even has that.

We could go on and on about Highland Park. In fact, it's a national treasure, recently named one of America's Best Urban Parks on the blog Cheapism, but close to home we know it for hosting the amazing annual Lilac Festival, the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Garden, the AIDS Remembrance Garden, and plenty of events at the Highland Bowl.  

More Information:

An original Frederick Law Olmsted designed Park, this historical urban getaway of a gem offers so much more than your typical basic park - this is definitely the caliber of Central Park. Rock gardens, ice skating (Lily Pond), lodges and shelters, the Lamberton Conservatory, Warner Castle and Sunken Garden, dog walking, movies and concerts at the Bowl, and even the Rochester Civic Garden Center which offers classes and special events throughout the year. 

180 Reservoir Avenue (Park Admin office)
Rochester, NY 14620

City of Rochester - Highland Park
Monroe County - Highland Park

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Jason is co-founder of the Rochesteriat and although his heart is in the city, loves to enjoy nature from time to time. Join the conversation on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.