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Hart's Local Grocers ||

Hart's Local Grocers Look closely at the picture above. Can you see the neighborhood inside this empty building? Well in a few months you will be able to see actual people shopping inside this expansive building that formerly housed Craig Autometrics at 10 Winthrop Street near The Little Theatre and 2Vine.  This will be the new home for Hart's Local Grocers.

Bringing jobs and more vibrancy to downtown - CHECK.

Bringing a much needed amenity to the downtown core that has been growing steadily in the past few years - CHECK.

Bringing a place that residents can go to multiple times a week to shop, run into friends, get a coffee or bite to eat, and get a true urban experience - CHECK.

Watch out Rochester, if having a downtown grocery store doesn't tell you that our city is changing dramatically at this point, then not much will prove otherwise. We're excited to see the proof will be in the pudding for this concept…or in the veggies, or the meats - you get our point. Slated to open in May of this year, this much anticipated necessity will surely be hitting a sweet spot for the many of us who work, live, and experience life downtown.

Here's a few more shots of this grocer-to-be:

Hart's Local Grocers sign For starters, a website and a name with some history means work has already been done. This doesn't seem like it was just thrown together and then announced without any real plans. We also think the old-school radio-flyer wagon gives the name some credibility - who doesn't LOVE a good ol' Radio Flyer!?

Hart's Local Grocers Building Beautiful BIG windows that will showcase what is inside and will help to draw people in.

Hart's This is an expansive building - one that stretches an entire city block - so this seems like it will be a hybrid of a Trader Joe's and Wegmans mix. Small enough to be in our city, yet large enough to make it your favorite grocery shopping place.

Winthrop There is on-street metered parking, along with the parking lot sitting right next door between the grocer and Restaurant 2Vine. Bike racks are also promised to be put in as well for those who prefer a more eco-friendly mode of transport.

If you can't tell, we are certainly excited about the prospects of this new venture in downtown. When you live and work in downtown, even going to the East Ave Wegmans can seem like you are contradicting the point of moving to the city center in the first place.

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