A Vacation Much Needed...

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

Every October, Stefanie and I get to the point of needing a vacation. It also happens to be our anniversary month, so it all works out and we LOVE traveling in the fall. A chance to get away, to see outside of Rochester, to renew our sense of place, pride, and passion for our city, especially by seeing how the rest of the world lives. 

This October, Stefanie and I went on a trip across the country - our country. We wanted to drive because we wanted to experience the vastness of the United States in a car and see it firsthand instead of via plane, on TV, or in pictures. 

 So without further adieu, here's the A Vacation Much Needed in picture form. 

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

Millenium Park, Chicago, IL


Falls Park, Sioux Falls, SD


Crazy Horse Memorial, in Crazy Horse, SD


WeeCasa Tiny Homes, Lyons, Colorado  


You cannot miss the Grand Canyon...


...or hiking in Sedona, AZ!


Our trip took us from New York to California.


After all of our driving explorations and 3867 miles later, we were able to fly home (on JetBlue, of course!) in style - JetBlue's Mint Experience

A view from 36,000ft flying back over what we just drove through. Renting a car and traveling one-way was perfect! We took our time getting to the West Coast and didn't have to drive ALL THE WAY HOME. We definitely recommend it.

Here's to traveling, enjoying our country and then coming back to the place we love and call home - Rochester!

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