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Here at the Rochesteriat, we hope it has become all too obvious that we believe in and support the small entrepreneurial organizations located within the heart of our city. We send out a BIG kudos to those creative, daring risk-takers that have consciously decided to pursue their dreams and passions within our city limits. We're seeing more and more of that on a weekly basis now, and that's a good thing for Rochester as a whole.

We Make Nice Websites entrance

Meet We Make Nice Websites (WMNW). Maybe you already know them and have attended one of their fun, cool Holiday Socials in the past couple of years as they've partnered up with the Rochester Young Professionals, seen in the video at bottom (courtesy of We Make Nice Websites).

Or maybe you don't know them directly, but you've seen their work around the city including branding and websites for -

The Strathallan The Strathallan Screenshot

Fraiche Bistro Fraiche Bistro Screenshot

The Fringe Festival

Fringe Fest Screenshot

Their catchy name gives away just a slice of what they do, being a full creative agency that focuses on much more than just a pretty-looking computer screenshot. In their own words, they will "...also make sure your brand follows through with a great logo, print work, and advertising that is compatible with the market you’re trying to reach" as well as focus on social media marketing and SEO.

A small but very successful operation to date, WMNW is composed of Founders Greg and Josh as well as the Director of Development, Ian, as you can see from a screenshot of their own website. They periodically hire interns as a way to give some younger folks the chance to see what it's like to work for a downtown creative agency.

Team shot at We Make Nice Websites

We love the fact that the these guys work with and help boost the businesses of many in our city, but they are also well ahead of the renewed momentum as they celebrate 4 years in the Cascade District this June. In case you don't know, click here to find out where the Cascade District is located.

With Kodak in plain sight, coming to work is a daily reminder that being in the city offers the team the space to be inspired by its surroundings…both indoors and out. As co-Founder Josh put it, "You just can't find spaces like this in the suburbs..." referring to their office with the exposed brick, views of other architecturally significant and historical buildings, and the "downtown vibe in general". Josh also commented that it was pretty significant that "some dude 100 years ago built this space by hand and now we get to use it." In a city where we keep pushing further out into the suburban or rural open land, we tip our hats to those who have utilized what was and turned it into what it is today.

Cascade District

Recently, WMNW gave us a tour of their office headquarters at 72 Cascade Drive and we thought it was pretty amazing. Take a look for yourself how the team has turned this old relic of Rochester's past into a cool, urban, downtown space that fits the needs and personality of this growing, creative branding firm.

Inside We Make Nice Websites

The exposed brick and wood floors make this more of a loft living space that would make anyone feel at home. We're sure the sofa and TV help with that as well.

We Make Nice Websites

The ductwork helps retain the industrial feel of the complex, and the big windows keep the team in check with the realities of the Rochester weather…good or bad.

We Make Nice Websites Workspace

We Make Nice Websites

The open floor plan also has separated cubicle areas for presentations, client meetings, as well as focused team gatherings.

We Make Nice Websites

WMNW has made their space interesting, fun, and different from any office space you'd find anywhere...they seem to enjoy what they do on a daily basis, and that, in turn, shows in their work.


To learn more about WMNW, Website Facebook D&C article 11/2/10

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