Your vote can help create WALLTHERAPY maps!


WALLTHERAPY is a big part of what makes Rochester what it is. Our city is full of incredible murals painted by talented local and international artists. Abode wall therapywall-therapy-2014 We've recently learned of a few people who are interested in creating a resource for people to enjoy this art and get moving (literally).

"WALLTHERAPY has brought public art to neighborhoods across Rochester, NY to heal the city with new life and energy. “WALLTHERAPY on the move” hopes to take this one step further, by integrating physical activity into the viewing of these 100+ murals. We will create unique routes to encourage citizens to explore the walls, their city, and move their bodies to get there. These routes will be individualized using an interactive map based on location, distance, and mode of active transport" (Meg Demment & Meredith Graham, co-founders Collaborative Health Research).

The founders of Collaborative Health Research are looking to create a mobile-friendly map of WALLTHERAPY pieces. Want to find the murals more easily and don't know where to start - all the while getting some exercise about town? This would be a great resource to have.

WallTherapy on the move

Here's a little more info from Meg Demment on WALLTHERAPY on the move, "This map would be customizable to your current location, mode of transport, distance you would like to travel, and types of murals you would like to see. We are hoping to highlight certain routes (like local artists, murals with historical figures, or family-friendly murals) and then promote those through public signs and on paper to reach a broader audience".

They've entered a small contest through the YMCA for a chance to win $1,000 to put towards seeing this dream become a reality. Want to help? The only thing you need to do is VOTE! There's no log in or sign up required and you can vote once a day. They are competing with 51 other projects in cities all over the US, only 2 other projects are from the Rochester area, both of which are in a different prize category.

If they make it to the top 5 in their prize category, the judges will choose 3 winners, will you help them get there?

Remember: super easy to help, no sign-in required, you can vote once a day to help support the project!

More Information: VOTE here Collaborative Health Research WALLTHERAPY

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