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SOCIAL MEDIA - The city is truly an exciting and dynamic place, but even more so are the people. We operate most effectively on our own passion for what we do combined with the enthusiasm of other like-minded urbanites. Feel free to get the conversation started by tweeting us @theRochesteriat, "Liking" us on Facebook, or even checking out our latest adventures in the city as seen on our Instagram page.

Letter to the editor

EMAIL - Because every city is in constant change, there is always a chance that information can be outdated. If you spot a link or piece of information in need of an update, please contact us and we'll be glad to revise the information.

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If you find email and social media a little too impersonal and would like to contact us directly, please call us at 585.414.4628 and ask for Jason. Of course we always love getting a beautifully handwritten note in the mail of how this website has changed your life, too. 

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