WHAT IS the Rochesteriat?

We’re an Urban. City. Guide. We exist to give you quick information, goods & deals, and the {BEST}{WEIRDEST}{COOLEST}{UNIQUE}{NEWEST}{OLDEST}{FUNNEST?}{QUIRKY}THINGS TO DO in the city of Rochester. Find out more on our ABOUT page!


WHY we do WHAT we do...
Our mission is to create the best City Guide in Rochester, and ultimately, to help build a better city. A city where residents can be proud to call home and visitors like to explore. We do this by not only providing information on all the great things happening, but also getting our hands dirty and working within the community itself.

We have a soft spot for the Mom & Pop shops, small businesses, and non-profits here, and we want to help highlight their amazing offerings. Think about it - EveryCity, USA has the Walmarts, Olive Gardens, Targets, and malls to make them just like EveryOtherCity, USA. But what makes our city different? You'll just have to follow us to see...

We believe that by supporting each other and working together we can be all be successful in our plight to make Rochester the great metropolis it once was. 

Won't YOU join us?


We're NOT public critics, we're NOT a review site, we're NOT political, and we're NOT a community board of every little thing to do in every corner of Rochester. 

Our ever-evolving city guide is free from most bias (except our own positive passion) as no business or organization pays to be in the general city guide/blog. Will you inevitably read that some of our writers had a great time or experience at this place or that? Sure, because we’re excited about our city. But nowhere in here will you get negative, critical information about a new restaurant that just opened telling you that their fries were soggy, the beer was flat, or that the new waiter was lousy. We certainly hope that never happens, but we also think that is for you to experience – good or bad – to live life and be your own judge.

Still not satisfied on what {who} we are? See ABOUT and ABOUT US pages. 

Where have I seen the Rochesteriat?

You may have seen us out in the city with our camera, our tripod, and probably a good coffee in hand – if you spot us, please say hi. We promise we’re friendly and we love talking to other passionate city dwellers.

You may also have seen us on a recent ESL Small Business Banking Television/Internet ads - we had such a great time shooting the commercial! 

We’re on Twitter, on Facebook, and Instagram, and we invite you to join us in the social conversation in making our city a better place. 

We also host and co-produce the annual Movies With a Downtown View - check it out!

How do you choose what you write up?

Our TEAM is scouring the city for the new, the old, the forgotten, and the hidden. In essence – we’re looking to discover our city, again and again. We want to tackle the age old gripe, “There’s nothing to do in the city!“. So if you have something in the city to do, a place to be, something to be seen - send us the info as it may end up on our site.

How does this site “bring home the bacon”?

We sell local advertising spots that you see on the top banner of many pages, as well as sidebar ads and sponsored posts. We also partner with like-minded organizations to produce deals in our city, and/or sell their Rochester-made or Rochester-proud goods. 


We work extremely hard to research, photograph, write, and publish our own authentic content. You'll see that most of the pictures throughout the site are our own, marked by the "THE ROCHESTERIAT" name in the caption. We have to respect others' property (including intellectual), and we hope you do the same. We are all about sharing when it comes to the proper credit due. 

Sometimes you may notice a picture marked with a different caption. That is giving the due credit to the owner of the photo, and we'll also include the link to the appropriate website. 


How can I send in a write up idea and get my business/organization/event featured?
We get inundated with a ton of requests to be featured on our site. We're doing our best to sift through all of the information to bring you the BEST City Guide possible for our city, and our editors choose what ultimately gets written about. Please see our CONTACT page for more information and remember - we cover what's happening within the city limits of Rochester!

Can businesses pay to have a feature write-up?
If you're looking for an immediate (or specific time-frame) sponsored post on our site to ensure your business/product/event gets on the front lines AND it correlates with our mission, please see our ADVERTISE section to make this happen. 


I want to advertise on the Rochesteriat. How do I make that happen?
Please read our ADVERTISE page. 


What kinds of goods and deals are featured on the Rochesteriat?
Our goods and deals are from local artists, businesses, and other organizations.

What types of payment methods are accepted on the Rochesteriat SHOP? 
We take all forms of credit cards that have the MasterCard or VISA logo on them.

What is your return policy?
We want you to be completely happy with your purchase from the Rochesteriat. For whatever reason, if you would like to return or exchange your good or deal please contact info@therochesteriat.com within 45 days of receiving your item(s) and we'll work with you to make this happen.

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We’re not only a website and social media information business here in Rochester, but our organization is a part of the social fabric that make up this great city - we're REAL people too! In today’s times, it’s understandable to want to connect with us on a more personal level than just bytes and clicks. We encourage you to CONTACT us for any reason.