Supporting LOCAL is very important to us. We believe the future will be better with vibrant small businesses, mom n' pop shops, and entrepreneurs.

We (the founders of the Rochesteriat) have been hard at work behind the scenes working to build and launch MetroPops.

Coming Soon!

Deals to local places you actually want to go to.


What is MetroPops you ask?

MetroPops is a deal site focusing on the best LOCAL places to eat and drink, experience, and enjoy. Our goal is to create unique and exciting deals and experiences that provide value to customers, but also to the small businesses themselves.

Thank you to everyone who supported our Indiegogo campaign in 2017! Our goal was to raise some initial startup funds and bring awareness to what we're doing. Since then we've been building our business plan, having the website built and meeting with local businesses for our first deals. Stay tuned for more!

While You Wait for the Website Launch:

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